CybExer Technologies 2018 Winner of NCIA Defence Innovation Challenge in data visualization category

May 15, 2018–NATO Communications and Information Agency Agency Announces Winners of Third Annual Defence Innovation Challenge.

US-Africa Cybersecurity Group strategic partner “CybExer Technologies has been awarded this highly coveted award in recognition of its revolutionary data visualisation tool only two years after the company’s inception. Additionally, CybExer Technologies was the only company in all of Northern and Eastern Europe to win in any category; other winning companies were based in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. In total, NATO recognized ten companies whose state-of-the-art technologies are deemed to be a significant contribution to the Alliance’s trainings, operations, and communications and network solutions.

NATO’s Communication and Information Agency awarded CybExer Technologies for its ISA (Integrated Scoring and Awareness for Cyber Ranges) solution which grants unprecedented visualisation, documentation, and monitoring capabilities.”

“CybExer solution fulfils the three most important requirements – instant, detailed, and comprehensible. With this approach, we can render all different factors in these complex exercises – team strategies, defence and attack, failure and success – instantaneously comprehensible, traceable and easy to judge. That way, the progress and organisation of exercises can be made significantly more dynamic and operational than what we’re used to. CybExer solution is scalable and thus perfectly suited for large-scale exercises, irrespective of the number of participants, regardless of their location across the world. For the first time, we can create one shared environment consisting of different global exercises that all happen simultaneously. Most importantly: ISA makes these seemingly complex cyber exercises understandable to top business executives and other laymen whose ability to quickly judge situations and make quick, meaningful decisions has become increasingly crucial in today’s environment where cyberattacks happen on a daily basis.”

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